Multiple Sequence Alignment Version 1
It is essential for users to obtain sequence alignments when studying the evolution of a gene or a genomic region. The Representational State Transfer (REST) interface can be used to retrieve a region of multi-genome alignments for multiple species. The eGPS REST APIs will be released publicly in the near future.
Input Parameters
How to cite
Dalang Yu, Lili Dong, Fangqi Yan, Hailong Mu, Bixia Tang, Xiao Yang, et al. (2019) eGPS 1.0 for integrating multi-omic and evolutionary analyses. National Science Review ( .1093/nsr/nwz079)
Help information

Version 1

Usage: -species -chrom -startPos -endPos


-species    Species

-chrom     Chrom

-startPos    Start position of alignment

-endPos    End position of alignment

Parameters Description
  -A Alignment database
multiple genomic alignment data sets  from UCSC Genome Browse
  -C Chrom
the chromosome
  -SP Start position of alignment
start position of alignment
  -EP End position of alignment
end position of alignment
  -Q Query species
the name of query species