The following persons mainly involved in this work:

Fangqing Zhao 
contribute the tool CIRI_full ( Circular RNA Identification Tool )
Zhen Shao 
contribute the tool MAP ( Model-based analysis of proteomic data )
Hua Chen 
contribute the tool XPCLR ( Population differentiation as a test for selective sweeps )
Haipeng Li 
contribute the tool FastEPRR ( Fast & Precise Estimation of Recombination Rate )
Shuhua Xu 
contribute the tool iMAAPs ( Estimation of Multiple-Wave Population Admixed Time )
Xiao Yang,Pengyu Wang,Guoqing Zhang,Yixue Li,Haipeng Li 
contribute the tool Simulator
Luonan Chen 
contribute the tools iENA ( individual-specific Edge-Network Analysis ) and SSN ( Sample-Specific Network method )
Wenming Zhao 
mainly responsible for the whole platform construction
Bixia Tang 
mainly responsible for the system architecture build, web development
Lili Dong 
mainly responsible for tools testing and packaging under HPC cluster